Needle Tip Adjustment

  1. Insert tip.
  2. Hold handpiece vertically upright with the tip on top, then turn on starting position by turning the TOP of the handpiece counter-clockwise as far as possible (the tip is then completely hidden in the dome).
  3. Switch on the machine without any active substance in the reservoir.
  4. Now adjust the needle length by turning the TOP of the handpiece clockwise. Rotating to the next small line on the handpiece corresponds to about 0.1 mm change of needle length.
  5. Try the needle length on the skin of the patient without any active substance and observe the skin thoroughly: as soon as you can observe small pinpoint bleedings - but no more! - the needle length is correct and you can start the treatment.
  6. Turn off the machine, fill the reservoir with the active substance, turn machine on again, start treatment.

    In contrast to the MC Dermaroller with its predetermined needle length, it is required throughout the treatment with the eDermastamp to observe the skin, pin-point bleeding etc. continuously and adjust the needle length as described above, if needed.